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Twenty-Two Years and still Going Strong

Our Story

It started at the end of 1998 when my grandfather came up with the idea of my grandmother opening a restaurant. Her first thought was not no, but hell no. You see she was a food broker for many years and knew enough about the restaurant business not to have one, but he persisted and won (as usual). They knew it had to be their favorite food “burgers”, but the concept would be as fresh & homemade as possible. To this day we still hand patty fresh ground 100% beef and “how about them buns” is a sweetened sourdough recipe. Growing up, my great-grandparents would always serve “pork n beans” when Dad grilled burgers. So they decided they would serve homemade pinto beans with our burgers. In fact, we do 90% of our items from scratch, from appetizers to desserts. We also offer over 20 toppings to make that burger yours. Biff Buzby’s Burgers which opened its door on June 19, 1999, is a family-owned business. Since opening Biffs was operated by my grandmother Donna Humphreys, while my grandfather, Ron, who conceived the idea, was at the Command Center otherwise known as his home office. He was the brains, she was the brawn. People often ask the question “Who was Biff Buzby?”  To our family, we only know Biff as my grandfather’s imaginary adult friend. From the beginning when they met, whether they were watching World War I or II movies or any war movie, my grandfather would turn to us and say “you know Biff and I use to fly that same mission” and would go into an elaborate story. The thing is my grandfather wasn’t a pilot nor did he serve in the military but he was a great storyteller. My grandfather never could remember where he came up with the name. He always pictured Biff as a Dudley Do-Right pilot (maybe a secret wannabe). When they decided to open this restaurant it was my mother’s suggestion to name the place Biff Buzby’s Burgers. My grandmother thought it would be too hard to say or remember, but my mother reminded her that Biff Buzby’s always evoked fun and laughter. They agreed – Good Food, Good Service, Good Times. Ron, my grandfather passed away in 2008. I joined my grandmother in 2013. My grandmother, the founder, passed away July 26, 2019. I look forward to carrying on her legacy and providing the best old-fashioned burger in town!

Hunter Bogar